Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happiness-All or None.

No man can claim to have reached the ultimate truth
as long as there is another who has not.

No one is redeemed
until we are all redeemed.

Ultimate truth is an unlimited light
-and if it is unlimited,
how could it shine in one person's realm
and not in another's? (Tzvi Freeman)


On that note, please pray for

Tziporah bat Reginah,

rina alteh BAT tatiyanah michal, AVARAHAM son of Annammal, Tzofnat bat Bracha, NAOMI daughter of Dhanamma, rivka bas sheindel, Yosef Chaim ben Rana AND Yael bat Esther,

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the sabra said...

Why is this considered Shiur Extracted? Cuz I thought of this during the Ad Mosai conference call and posted it right after.