Sunday, February 27, 2011

From Dina's Diary

And then they told me that someone from my family picked up a tree stump and threw it at the window of one of Shchem's neighbors. Naturally, that set off all the bullies around and there was mad chaos. I had witnessed the chaos and I had witnessed the two main antagonists being dragged by soldiers but I had not realized that it was a case of ShimonNLevi. For me. Gulp.

On a lighter note, I tried explaining to Salamon that I was not out to kill Shchem's family and I had even warned some of their kids that their plastic-bag-over-head game was dangerous. He thus inscribed "And then I told them not to do it because it was dangerous, and I took away the plastic bag from them". Cuts in the officer at our side, "Yalla open a new tik for taking the bag away."

That was awesome.


But funniness aside, I'm all confused. I'm all mixed up inside. On the one hand, I just want to run away and never deal with all this again (including the huge fuss and ShimonNLevi's zealousness), but on the other hand, I want to walk out in pretty dresses all hours of day and night and never let anybody detect even a slight streak of fear or smallness.

I'm gonna be ok. I am already ok. I even went back there (guarded, of course) and pointed it all out. That made me feel better. As did my little trek around town, making sure everyone knows I am still here, I am still me and I am (still) untouchable.

I'm gonna stay.


P.S. "He's most likely to change his clothing anyhow", I told them when they wanted to hear the details of Shchem's attire. "Eh, not quite", said one, "they are stupid." Another one standing on the side offered, "And they don't have much clothes anyhow, believe me."