Saturday, January 08, 2011

My Relationship with Nepal

A few weeks ago, when I was in Pushkar, I told Ita that my 2night/3day camel trek in Jaisalmer (Rasjasthan Desert) wasn't enough. It felt too touristy (even though I was alone in the middle of nowhere with my guide, and I slept in some village from 700 hundred years), and was too short (even though most people do just one day or one night), and felt too easy and comfortable (even though I was FREEZING at night and woke up every hour from cold, and even though we nature'd under the stars, and had to collect wood for warmth and light). I said I want something more intense, for a few months, working and living with people who don't speak my language, really roughing it. She mentioned Tevel B'tzedek. I said it sounds cool but I may as well work with Jews, meaning help Jews.

Last week, someone emails me that Nepal Shlucha looking for a teacher.
I email Nepal Shlucha that I'm planning to come for Shabbat, so we can meet then and discuss.

I come to Nepal, meet the Shlucha, love her, we discuss me coming. (No, not staying, I have to leave first.)

Friday I meet some girls from Tevel B'tzedek. Hmmm.

I realize I really don't want to stay in this country, I've had my fill of broken faucets, freezing showers, cheating locals, electricity blackouts, and all-over balagan. I want normal, decent, even official living conditions and life-style.

I come to Shluchims house, see special needs child, and the words of last 'boss' (and mashpia) ring in my ears "My husband and I were talking about it...and we decided you really ought to spend your time helping the Shluchim with the special needs kids who live in far-out countries."

Ok, decided, I'll do it. Forget salary and living conditions, I can do this.

Er not for so long though. Sorry, I really can't stay for as long as you need. I mean, this place is just crazy. Nobody speaks the language, it's so backward, everything is broken and dirty and OMG THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! I said I want a 'roughing it' experience and I said I wanted to help Jews, so why am I hesitating!?

Ahh, it's good I was sitting and listening in to the conversation that Chezky had with the American girls in Tevel B'tzedek. His arguments are something to think about...