Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hi From Nepal

Hi from Nepal with one wisdom tooth less. Yeah! This has been my BEST dentist ever. And not just "lesser of the evils" experience, but seriously a darn good time was had by all. For starters, I entered a clean, normal environment. This is very important because I have had my fill of backpacking for the moment (read: the moment. in 3 days, it may very well return--the love of dripping faucets and freezing showers). In fact, I spent two hours this morning (without exaggeration) searching for a nice hotel. Ok, don't remind me. G-d in His infinite Wisdom and Kindness and More Descriptions to Remind me HOW MUCH WE LOVE EACH OTHER ordained that I miss my ride to TV Productions by less than five minutes. There goes my being an extra on the Israeli show about Chabad of Kathmandu. Ok, so I saw the wisdom and kindness soonafter (blogger red squiggled that, but I'll keep it anyhow. I so love how Itche Kadoozy talks about the rd squiggly lines. In the bajillion conversation.) with my dentist appointment. Today is the only day possible to do it before my flight, so it's good I missed the acting. (ach but it's still a tad painful :)). Anyhow, yea, so the office is clean and normal, the people speak English, I mean seriously what else can a person ask for!? They are patient, they have a sense of humour and not just one or two people working there, but everyone. The receptionists, the nurses, the doctor--kooooooolam! Ah it was so wonderful. And guess what? Heehee, I didn't know that Nepal is 15 minutes after India!!!! LOLL! I was wondering why the Shluchim were hurrying me to my appointment when I still had enough time..ha! And I thought India was mishug in their half hour time difference with the rest of the world (save venezuela. and some other places. see here. walla! i wrote about india, new delhi, even before it was part of my life. niiice.), but Nepal is even wackier. Fifteen minutes? FIFTEEN MINUTES!? Before entering this country, they ought to warn you bout it. Right up there along with the cheaters of this place. My world is now divided into two. Those that cheat me and those that don't. Gosh. Gosh gosh. Ok so back to this darlin country. When I first got here, driving up from Butol or whatever it's called, to Kathmandu, I was trying to place the differences. I decided that Nepal is a different country and culture than what I'm used to, while India is simply a different planet. I'm so glad I came here. To just see India but not know her neighbors, is like watching a movie without knowing the actors background, for me. Hmm not sure if that explained it correctly but whatever, who cares. Anyhow, I actually like India more than Nepal. True I have not been long enough here to really make that statement but from what I've seen, the Nepalese people are missing that "shanti shanti" outlook. People are so laid back, have time for everything in Hodu, offering you chai, skipping school to hang out with you. Then again, Kathmandu may be the exception here. Maybe on Mt Everest there is takkeh a chai hangout. I'll go check it out, oolay. So, (and I know I should start a new paragraph, not only for the insanely ADD people that need it-hello chani, elena..., but for all readers, myself included, but I can't just start a new paragraph now without having done so earlier. And stam sheteidu, nearly every time I write paragraph, for a second I sorta search-with my fingers-for the paragraph symbol) soooooooo, to all the people who told me I was crazy for going to nepal now (ie all the ppl who heard I was going), in this freezing cold icy wintery snowy weather, mind overnighting me my shades? The sun was getting to me this afternoon. (Big and I mean BIG calvin smile)
Ok is there anything else I need to say? Oh, my dentist charged me 68 dollars for the checkup, medicated ointment, and wisdom tooth extraction. Yes dear friends, it would've been cheaper for me to fly from Norway last time... Live and learn, live and learn. And last important message of the day-I had shawarma for lunch today! Shawarma with chips (ff, americans), salad and 2 pickles, in a lafa. Hot! Fresh! Glatt Kosher! Lechaim to Glattmandu!


mum said...

Oh, very nice. I'm glad i heard it orally first, then when reading it i understood better...
It's really called Glattmandu?
Cute name.

the sabra said...

And I made the show in the end :)