Saturday, December 11, 2010

…Understand the Unspoken…

From Zina

Piercing pain
Bloodcurdling terror
Tears dried within, uncried
Stab-wounds unbled
Suffering in the depth
Of a dim damp cavern
Black bats bite loneliness,
Stories which never unfold
The agony

Love unshared
Happiness uncommunicated
Feelings unexpressed
Smiles unnoticed
They part, the heart
Fork the bond
Block the possibilities beyond
So unfair when our loved ones
Unshare and we uncare

How many stories of survival are published of WWII?
Yet six million stories of those who perished
The last cries, the last breaths of air
Hopes of a miracle unhappened
The goodbye’s unsaid
Taken by a swishing bullet undiscriminating
Or smoke thick and quiet rising unashamed
From the ashes unseen

My dear
Please share
Your feelings, your love
Your situations and your pain
With those close to you.
You never know
If the opportunity will stay
Or when it may
Be your last day.

And my dear
Please hear
The words unspoken
The feelings untold
Listen to the heartbeat
Of the lover you hold
See the unwritten words in their eyes
Hear their silent cries
Share the happiness
Kiss away the sadness
Practice forgiveness

Don’t be a silent knife
Inaction can hurt more than action at times
Unwillingly you commit horrible crimes.
Please care
Please be there
Don’t ignore
Because the stuff that matters most
Is what lies beneath the layers of shelter
Don’t let life pass you by

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