Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Streets of India

Ita summed it up best-"You suddenly see the most craziest thing you ever saw in your life, and then you turn around and then you REALLY see the craziest thing you ever saw in your life."

So I've seen cows wandering on the road, I've seen families of four (yes FOUR) riding on a motorcycle, I've seen people shlepping wagons towering with sacked goods..and someone hanging on as he drags, I've see auto- and cycle-rickshaws, I've seen shepherds walk their flock across the highway, I've seen filthy little girls come up to car windows asking for money, I've seen 8 people stuffed into a vehicle suited for 3; the streets of India don't really surprise me anymore with their craziness. It's gotten to a point that I wake up on the bus if it goes too long without the driver honking away. Yeah, I've pretty much seen it all..what?? Did I just say I've seen it all? There is a lady standing in the middle of all the traffic (coming from approx 7 directions), calmly sweeping the center of the road!! Not near her store or anything, just IN MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! Calmly sweeping away dust, dirt, who cares?! Wow, now I've really seen it all! Off the main road and into the narrow alley looking for a hotel, let me just sit back and relax in my WHATTTT?!!? TWO ELEPHANTS STROLLING BY MY CAR WINDOW?!?!?!?

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mum said...

HYSTERICAL!!! hheheee Pictures!! pictures!!