Friday, December 10, 2010

Hayom Yom Shishi B'Shabbos...

And I'm READY!

Woke up 7:30'ish and snoozed till 8:30'ish and then chatted on the phone overseas till 9:30'ish. Davened and ate and took a rickshaw (with a door!) to Dharamkot (of course I forgot to buy veggies beforehand and of course the driver assured me there was on the way but of course he doesn't know what he's talking about) and got to the 770 Chabad House at 11.

Made chapatis (for challah), tuna fish (for fish. I know, I know, it's complicated), shvartze kashe (that's buckwheat for all you non yiddish folk. er non yiddish SPEAKING folk) and fried eggplant/tomato/onion medley (for main course), and oatmeal cookies for dessert. Also egg salad for Shabbos day. But nobody will know if I eat it tonight. Unless the French and American old men I invited will come, and then they'll know. But they won't know it's for tomorrow. So we're safe. I took (homemade. not by me) wine, a white tablecloth, and candles and cinnamon for Havdallah, and some Jewish Hebrew reading material.

Was done at 2. Felt and looked total Indian carrying the milk crate with all my stuff and my blanket draped all over me. (It was only after that I bought the wooden bangles which REALLY would've completed the look.) Splurged on a taxi (vs a rickshaw) and the extra 30 rupees (seventy cents?) was totally worth the bump-less ride.

Got back to town (McLeod Ganj) with an hour to do last minute shopping (and internet) before I had to clean my room and get ready for the Sabbath (shower and dress-wise). Bought a big water, pringles (yup, it's easier to find Kosher pringles in India than it is in the UK), conditioner (gotta check for lice in this sterile country), toilet paper (from a woman I always feel bad I cannot support through purchase of her UCF (Unidentifiable Crawling Food), and loads of fruits n veggies for salads.

Oof my alarm just went off-time to head back to my LUXURIOUS hotel (paying a whopping NINE dollars a night, vs four that I was paying in my old village). Come to think of it, I've finished writing up my day anyhow. So that's good timing.

Yalla chevreh, shabbat shalom u'mevorach!


mum said...

Oy, funny. A whopping nine dollars....

Hope you having/had a great shabbat!

the sabra said...

Oh I did, thanks for your hopes!
Slept maybe 16 out of the 25. Made up for the last 6 months, it did.

Also, please note: my chapatis are more pita-like than matzah-like. Just so we're clear.