Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eretz Pushkar

Where the local Indians speak a finer Hebrew than I do.


Esther said...

Chava darling, I am thoroughly enjoying your India posts. I wanted to comment on all of them, but instead I'm just commenting on this one. And anyways, I'm sure if you closed your eyes and tried to picture it you'd pretty much guess what I have to say about all of it. In three words: YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME!. Sorry, that was four words.

I am of course, living vicariously through your Indian adventure. And you can live vicariously through me: I am sitting at a desk right now staring at a computer screen under the flurescent lighting of my tiny office. Ah, the exciting times we share!

Love ya lots. Post more pics and write more stories. I am reading them all :).


chava said...

For this, I shall.
I feel bad I'm not being more detailed in my updates, like I am barely showing you at all about my life here, but I know when I get to NY, Iy"h, we can talk for nearly 24 hours straight so you'll see more pics and hear more stories till you're sick of the place.