Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The room was black, only the moonlight shone in.

She was tucked into bed. I sat beside her on the bed and looked down at her sweet face. We finished Shema, and now we were softly chatting about this and that. School, silly-bandz, the chasunah, what we should have for supper tomorrow. I wished her goodnight and stayed put, waiting for sleep to overcome her.

The room was peacefully silent.

Suddenly breaking the stillness, the six year old girl asked me, looking up straight into my eyes and all the way down to my soul, "Do YOU have a Mommy?"


C said...


When does it get better?

the sabra said...

With faith you ask "when". I often cannot see that far ahead.

My mum says it will. It will get better. And that my entries will not always be so depressing.