Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Precious English Neshama

what a Shabbos..... :)
Shai. A gift. Shai-lee. My gift.

The most precious English neshama I've yet to meet.

Hyper and jumpy, the guy definitely had ants in his pants. When he spoke, past and present and future all fought for attention. He hopped around the room to the beat of his conversations. Up from his chair, plop on the couch, stand in the corner, lean against the wall, sit, stretch, stand again.
"I'm a sinner." Yea, well the whiter the cloth, the more noticeable the stain.
Generous past the point of giving the shirt off his back; coupled with a kindness that led you to expect a "thank you" for accepting.
Drunk, nah. Transparently serious. Insanely amusing.
Stop apologizing; I am smitten!
So super sensitive and simply yum.
The earnestness and sincerity, the acceptance and the struggle.
A perfect human being, doing everything wrong.
I just want to be good! You ARE good. No I'm not! Well you know it, at least. That means you're almost there...
"Listen to what I'm saying". "I am, that's the problem."
Write a book of the truth.
Balls? Yes, no, two, one, none..lubavitch girl.
Selflessness from every pore. And bravery.
Never told a soul...

The most precious English neshama I've yet to meet...

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