Friday, September 03, 2010

Israeli Politics

Ok, I usually prefer not to bash my head against a wall, it's just one of those quirks I have. But really, this is getting to the insanity of insanities.

"Hi! I don't know why they call you a bully, I think you're a rather kind and sensible fella. Here, I'll give you my lunch, my snack, my ball, my gel pens and my WOAH YOUCH! card collection, if you knock me on the head only when I'm looking without ever sneaking up from behind me. And when you smear glue on the teacher's chair and then frame me, can you just leave the speech to my parents for the school to do without your help? And also if you wait to break my glasses till the end of the day, this way I'll be able to go straight from school and fix them and OW! ok I guess I was being greedy there. Here, take my soda. I apologize for the blood on the can. Please accept this banknote and my sincerest apologies."

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