Friday, September 17, 2010

An Incredible Rebbe Story

Heard from Rabbi Shabatai Slaviticki.
Related by Yosske Sossonko.

There is a personal acquaintance of Reb Shabatai in Antwerp by the name of Feivel (a Belzer Chasid and a business man).

Feivel's mother passed away when he was 12 years old, shortly before his Bar Mitzvah. She orphaned a home full of children and Feivel was the youngest at 12.

Some twenty five years later, Feivel traveled to New York on business. One summer night he came to 770 to daven Maariv with the Rebbe. After Maariv Feivel noticed a commotion, people were going in and other people were going
out of 770. It was obvious there was something going on. He was told, that the Rebbe is receiving people who have made an appointment for yechidus.

Feivel who is a person who is not afraid of anything and a lively kind of fellow, was hanging around outside the Rebbe's room and decides that he is going to go in and see the Rebbe even though he doesn't have an appointment. Feivel goes over to the person at the front of the line and says that he needs to go in before him as he urgently need to leave soon. The person agrees to let Feivel go first.

The door opens, the person from the previous Yechidus comes out and Feivel walks into the Rebbe's room. Rabbi Groner is shocked by Feivils chutzpah and follows Feivil in and wants to schlep him out.

The Rebbe looks up and tells Feivel to sit down. Feivel did not have a Tzetel or anything specific to ask so he sits down. The Rebbe and he were sitting there in silence. The Rebbe gets up from his desk and walks over to a drawer looking for something.
The Rebbe returns to his desk with a letter.
The Rebbe begins to read a letter, from Feivel's mother written some 25 years earlier. In the letter she writes that she realizes that she is going to pass away but "I am not concerned for myself. Rebbe, I am asking you to arouse Rachamim Rabim, (extraordinary mercy) from Hashem, on behalf of my children." She goes on with a passionate plea that Hashem should protect and bless her Kinderlach.

Feivel is just in shock and overwhelmed. He was just a child when his mother passed away and did not have any letter of this kind in his possession.
He asked the Rebbe if he can have the letter, a letter from his mother pleading for her children!

The Rebbe said "I read this letter every year before I go out to Kol Nidrei..."

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