Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I purchased today for my trip:

It's so funny how much I'm writing about it, and how openly. I guess being alone the whole time DOES have somethin to do with it. Somethin.

So the main thing I wanted to get was the single/portable burner. Found a great one but didn't buy it (!). I had seen one online that weighed 1.7 kg and according to the bathroom scale that David opened up for me, this one weighed 2.2kg. Every ounce, er gram, makes a diff. But it was a great price and it looks clean and easy so I may just go back and get it. Especially cuz I've just been convinced to return the security alarm I bought from there. Clas Ohlson in England..! Too too funny :D The sleeping bag liner I'm planning on keeping Asaklitt Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner. (Click on the image for an enlarged view - opens in a new window) even though it's rather heavy. I remember from my trekkin around Europe that it's something I will find very useful. (Oy, persuadin them to let us in late at night in Greece but not having anything even remotely clean to rest ourselves on -gag- and being too cheap to pay for linens -snort-) The fanny pack is WAY useful as well but I dunno, it's kinda loud. Maybe I'll have the kids scribble all over it. Like the way my suitcase was decorated in Milwaukee. I'll keep my eyes open (and the pack closed) to see if I can find a more subtle-but equally spacious-waist pack. So so essential. Apparently these travel towels are, as well. But I didn't buy it. Twasn't viscose like some backpacker swears on so I held back. In Boots, the next stop, I did find something I thought was more suitable but the grossness of the fabric held me back. I think I'm gonna go back n get it, though, after readin up more about it online. Those same sites convinced me to get this nifty laundry line Product Image. Comes with pegs, too. Great price. Then, I got my water purification tablets Product Image, my after-bite itch relief cream Product Imageand grabbed a pack of these motion-sickness bands Product Imagethough I wasn't planning on till I saw the 3 for 2 mix and match travel stuff deal. Neither the extremely light rain jacket nor the mini-fan that I bought seem to have an image/link online.

So that's that.
Thanks for tuning in.

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