Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Two Posts I Didn't Comment On

Because I did not wish to reintroduce the pain. say, as she did yesterday, right after she told me.
Is it a comfort, I wonder? A security? "Oh. Ha. I'm passed that,", I still need to speak to her. But I really am worried if as much as you want in a relationship so long as the other does not suffer. You can call your friend late, if they are not over-exhausted that night. You can complain about your professor, but not No comments in years, and a sudden stab would not be kind. She told me once that you can take the night they got dismissed from school.
I need to share and talk to her. The tinkle of the does not know that I saw what she saw and never bade it farewell. wine-glass has been echoing in my ears for years. And the bareness doesn't stop flashing. She horrible And though my
And even though there is a good chance she will the burning pain like times past, the dull pain that's present saddens me much.
And just as indifference won't cure shock, dullness won't cure sadness. And sadness won't cure sadness.
Maybe I press on my bruises. empathy is not what I'm looking for. Maybe it's sympathy.
Empathy will realitate.
And I do that--
friends with her, some 7 years ago, Grab on to the pirate's ship?
It's horrible, this. I look she will empathize. Cuz though I'm happy, really really happy, that she does not carry at pictures.
I became of so many horribles together.Why? Why o why?
It's the girl who was never really was, I still opt to bring her back.

No, I erased my comments.
Trumpets are saved for joyful announcements.