Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Lesson I Need To Learn...

The mashpia, ר' שמואל גרונם related: The chossid ר' אברהם of ז'עמבין was a big businessman, sending rafts of wood to Danzig, Germany for פרנסה . Once, he sent 60,000 ruble worth of rafts, and they all sunk, causing him to lose all potential profit and placing him deeply in debt. His monetary troubles disturbed him from concentrating in לימוד התורה , so he decided not to think about his worries during learning, and would set aside specific time for this. He would close his ספר for a short while, think about the חובות that have befallen him, and would then tell himself, "For what purpose am I thinking about this? In any case, I have no money left. I have already sold all my assets, so what is there to think about?" Then he would reopen his ספר and continue learning.
(לקוטי סיפורים ע' שכ"ג )

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