Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Más Participación-Sukkos (1741 words)

The piece is so perfect. I love each part of it. On a personal level it let me connect to a piece of your life. On a reader level, I could really understand the concepts and felt like I was in the room, it was packed with imagery. On a fellow avodanik, I am amazed and excited at how you worked to connect all the details of your life to Torah. I too worked very hard to connect Tishrei with what I am going through but what I love about both is that the dots are so closely connected, there is no "I worked really hard to find a connection" going on .

I really felt inspired to share it, with myself and with others.

This incredible response just brightened me (and my week/phase) up to an unimaginable degree.


the sabra said...

Thanks for the rishus, author.

ChayAiz said...

What is this referring to?

the sabra said...

I sent an article to a friend and she responded with what is in italics, and that pleased me to see we shared the same interests.