Tuesday, August 17, 2010

india prep

buy travel clothes line and travel towel (with viscose?) and shampoo bar and water purifying tablets and mosquito repellent.
can i use my pot as a neggel vasser kvort?
oats, beans, eggs, fruits n veggies
pounds vs dollars
sefer hamitzvos and sichos. copies?
travelers insurance and travelers cheques.
perfume. straightener. blow dryer.
plugs n wires. NO COMPUTER.
hmm computer?
shape-ups? boots? bangalore?
new delhi, mumbai, bangalore, taj mahal, dharamsala, goa, pushkar...nepal, sri lanka...
pakistani border (color war)
buy 50p can opener. personal alarm? reflector (rain) jacket?
lonely planet too heavy
notebook. camera.


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rutimizrachi said...

There will be someone I want you to look up when you are there. A mission within a mission. Good stuff!