Monday, August 16, 2010

my lifE

Don't laugh at a youth for his affectations;
he is only trying on one face after another
to find a face of his own.
~Logan Pearsall Smith, "Age and Death,"Afterthoughts, 1931


rutimizrachi said...

I love this line! I wish more rebbis and teachers would recognize it, and revel in being part of the process, instead of condemning or fearing it.

My kids are polite, deeply decent, and difficult to squish into cookie cutters. I like them that way.

the sabra said...

Ya I'm also not too picky with my cookies. So long as they have chocolate chips. Oh wait, we're talkin about your boys. Yah, I like them too :)

Rachel said...

Who drew the paper with "Chava" written on it? Did the camera capture the spelling backwards or was it done that way?

Spent the night reading and reading through your life the past few months, and I'm still not done. Gnite, Sabra. Tengo manzanas y porque como se llama no me digas hasta la vista.

Rachel said...


the sabra said...

My dorm counselor did it, backwards, love the kid.

I'm happy you read thru my life. Thanks.

Stop with your retarded Spanish :D

the sabra said...

This was (part of) my seminary dorm room wall.

It's great, no?

And the quote...oy fabulous.