Friday, August 20, 2010

from florence to romania..ahhh memories :)

so here we are in krakow,poland feels like a dream...maybe it is but its pretty cool either going back about a week to firenze station otherwise known as florence,we arrived and decided that spending the night in the train station is way cheaper than getting a hostel so thats wat we did.we made ourselves comfortable on the benches in the station but a couple hours later we found out the hard way that we were occupying someone elses i felt sometthing heavy on my feet,i opened my eyes to find a whole line of homeless ppl sleeping all over the station with some cute old man using my feet as a abt being thrifty i guess my feet work just as well as a pillow...and its cheaper....after being slightly shocked and freaked out i suddenly realized that there wasnt much difference between me and them .wat makes me less homeless?? me and the guy sleeping on my feet.....were like family...all in this together.....that was a pretty weird experience which is why i woke urp at the crak of dawn ready to start my day.finally we figured out that we had gotten off at the wrong station and that we werent in florence yet which explained the 2 feet wide train station full of homeless ppl (us included) so we continued on to florence where we locked up our luggage in the station.without huge bags on our back we finally felt like proper businessmen rather than once again we set out on our journy to find the kosher restaurants.on the way we stopped at the supermarket and saying we bought tuna is an understatement.we practicAlly bought out the whole store making my luggage just a bit heavier but thats the price u gotta as we walked down the street we suddenly bumped right into the chabad house and than the shul and the kosher market .so after buying out the store and eating everything on the menu and seeing the shul (and chava touring the famous cathedrals ) we continued on to pisa where we discovered not one,but hundreds of leaning towers,in fact, we came to the conclusion that every building has potential of being a leaning tower depending on which angle u hold ur camera.and chava even discovered while standing on her head that all the buildings in pisa are upside down....she should be a scientist.....anyway we then continued on to venice or almost venice where we spent the night yet again in the local train station with our more voilent fellow homeless.....but we survived somehow.again we ended our night as soon as possible -at the crack of dawn.we came to venice and hung out between the laundromat and the internet place searching desperately for a hostel under 200 bucks and for rochel who it turns out was comfortabely chilling on a rock reading a book....we considered the train station again but then we knew that at this point we were so stinky that even the homeless wouldve kicked us out....finally by some miracle we ended up in a fancy hotel room right next door to chabad! and they even had a we took advantage of it by showering enough times to last us till next shabbos and by the time we finished showering somehow our tans were gone....pretty frustrating....i mean those were nice tans we had....we were like black....or just plain we spent a realluy nice shabbos which felt almost like walking down kingston on chof beis shvat,but besides meeting the rest of crown heights it was really nice.on sunday we toured the jewish ghetto and then accidentally found out that the full suitcases just purchased were all treif, which costed the next three nights sleeping in train stations in order to make up for the monetary we stoked up on a whole new suitcase full and then we visited the island of marrano like all good tourists and next we took tghe train to budapest in order to reach romania!!!!!!!of course the first time we actually make reservations on the train,it ended up being an empty train......we got to budapest,gambled over a couple games of chess with some old man while chava fought with some egyptian over a chair....then we caught a train to romania. as soon as we started the journey, we noticed right away all the scenery looked so romanian,like right out of a story soon as we arrived we felt if someone dropped me there and didnt tell me where i was, i would know it was a good way of after locking up our backpacks we searched for the non existent internet cafe.apparently romania hasnt yet discovered internet.....untill some kid led us behind an alley through some dark dingy staircase to a little hidden internet if it was illegal or something.then we hung out in the main hang out in town,little restaurant outside the train station where we made freinds with practically the whole good friends. we exchanged email addresses and took pictures together.they were obsessed with being in our pictures ,probably their first time discovering the phenomenon of a camera....then chava somehow adopted a gradfather who gave her all his old wedding pictures and promised her all of his be continued........

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