Friday, July 09, 2010

Police search for missing Lubavitcher

A Chabad Bochur from Maale Adumim has been filed as missing since he was last seen five days ago.
By Tzemach Brown, Chabad Info
26 Tamuz 5770 (08.07.2010)

Israel Police Force has requested the public's assistance in locatingYonatan Segev. The Lubavitcher Bochur from Maale Adumim was last seen on 3 July as he left his house at approximately 10:30pm.

He is described as a 25 year old male, 170cm tall. He has black hair, full body and sports a beard. He is clearly religious.
On the night of his disappearance he was wearing a white shirt, black pants and a black yarmulke.

Police sources ask that any sighting of the young man be reported immediately to their offices.

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