Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The קדושה of ארץ ישראל (A Story)

(Source: #12)

Once a חסיד from the סלונים family traveled from his home in א"י to the רבי מהר"ש in Lubavitch. While speaking to the Rebbe, the חסיד said, "I don't understand what is written in ספרים that there are yidden in א"י who have high נשמות . I know the Yidden in א"י , and I haven't seen among them higher נשמות than yidden of חוץ לארץ ."

The Rebbe replied, "Do you understand who has a high נשמה ?! Let me tell you a story that I heard from my father the צמח צדק , and you'll understand to what extent the כח of a simple ארץ ישראל'דיקער yid can reach."

"In a town near ירושלים , lived a simple yid who didn't know how to learn, nor did he understand the meaning of the words in davening. Furthermore, he didn't even know the סדר of davening, what one is supposed to daven on a regular weekday and what is to be omitted. For פרנסה , every week, he would travel to ירושלים to sell fruits and vegetables in the market. Then he would go to one of the רבנים in ירושלים to mark down the תפלות for the coming week. He had to have the davening written individually for each day, because a general outline would be too confusing for him."

"Once, during the month of חשון , he asked the רב to write for him the תפלות for the coming few weeks, because the roads would be muddy and he would not be able to come to ירושלים . The next week he unexpectedly had to travel to ירושלים , and upon his arrival, was surprised to see all the shops closed. He thought to himself in shock, 'Perhaps I have made a miscalculation and today is שבת .' He waited with his donkey until he saw a yid walking with טלית and תפילין . He felt relieved that it was not שבת , yet still wondered why that day was different. He approached the yid
and was told that the day was a תענית ציבור . The simple yid was surprised that the רב had not marked down the fast for him, and his heart filled with pain for having been נכשל in eating on a fast day and not davening the תפלה of a public fast day."

"He immediately left his donkey and wagon in the street and ran to the רב 's house, where he was told that the רב was in shul. He rushed to shul and ran directly to the רב crying, 'Rebbe! What did you do to me!' The רב calmed him, explaining that this was not a regular תענית , rather a fast decreed in ירושלים due to lack of rain, but the yid still did not understand the purpose of the fast. The רב explained that they were fasting and davening to Hashem that He send rain and prevent a hunger ח"ו . The simple yid responded, 'For this you don't need a fast! When I don't have
rain on my fields, I go outside and tell Hashem that I need rain, and right away, it starts raining.'

Hearing this, the רב said, 'Go ahead! Do that here!' Immediately, the yid went out to the shul courtyard, and began crying, ' טאטע , how could it be that your children in ירושלים should die חלילה from hunger? Don't you see they need rain?!' Right away גשמי ברכה began pouring down."

When the רבי מהר"ש concluded his story, he said to the חסיד from א"י , "Nu, now do you realize that you have no idea who has a lofty נשמה in א"י?! "

May we all go to א"י with the גאולה שלימה through משיח צדקנו right now!


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