Thursday, July 22, 2010

The great thing about being immature (as I am) is that there is always so many areas to grow in. Always something to work on, to change. And it's just so thrilling when you conquer it. Tis a feeling money can't buy.

Like the 60 pound check today.
And the 800 dollars of the past 3 weeks.


Rachel said...

G-d, I love this.

A. Lot.

There's a bar mitzvah at the kotel right now. Maybe more than one. It's loud and sing-y and all-around great.

Man, I love what you wrote. It's so good.

the sabra said...

So how does it work? You leave messages for G-d here, He comes by to pick em up and then He responds where...?

Rachel said...

If that's how it works, then it means you're a man. (Look at my last line, first comment.)

He responds to my lawyer. Duh.

the sabra said...

Oh. I thought you were talkin to one of the kotel guys.

Oh right, you just reminded me-I want to be a kotel.

Rachel said...


the sabra said...


the sabra said...

"I want to be a Kotel"??

Gosh I'm nuts. In a good way. In a VERY good way.