Monday, April 19, 2010


forget the cloud
blind the line
a smoke of red
lead gives way
to killer prose
on the dance floor
some can rest.


Mushkie said...

sounds amazing...i think it sounds better if i don't know what it's referring to.

the sabra said...

Teehee. I laugh.

Thanks :)

ChayAiz said...

why oh why death?

Yossi said...

I know exactly what it's referring to.

Esther said...

How does everyone know what it is referring to, but me? Still, I like.

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Wow the only surviving blog link that I've got, nice to see you're still going strong Sab :)

the sabra said...

Esther, they don't. Fear not. And you tell WAY funnier stories than anyone else, so REALLY fear not.

Shaigitz! What an honor to see you here. We've been reminiscing lately bout the old blog days. These young kids here THINK they know blogging. They don't. We do. Or, we did.

the sabra said...

This piece is actually years old. Actually.

the sabra said...

It's amazing to see it up here.
Oy life is mishug :D