Friday, February 12, 2010

Wow. I actually walked out of the door dressed as I am. Esther, it's worse than the last one I described :D


es said...

Hahahahaha. Thats hilarious. Also kind of frightening. For the people who will be seeing you that is. And for me, cuz soon I'll be seeing you too. Looking forward to enjoying some beayoootiful sunshine with ya! XOXOXOXO

C said...

Have fun!!!!

And Happy birthday es!

Sabra-you're gonna have so much fun this week! I send a huge hug with es, make sure you get it ;).

the sabra said...

"Sabra-you're gonna have so much fun this week!"

A threat? A promise? A hope?

And re the hug--debating if I should wait till the last day to see if she remembers, or just ask it from her now. Well, not NOW-she's sleeping now-but before too long.

es said...

I totally relayed the message if you remember correctly. Yes, I am that awesome. Have a little faith, girl.

the sabra said...

Someone asked about you. I think it was the Fishmans (I told you bout his "smolanit" comment), but could be someone else.

C said...

Thanks, es. I knew I could count on you :).

Wanna hear all about your travels one of these days..