Monday, February 15, 2010

What The Peace Muffles

The peace muffles Colin.
The peace muffles Chuck and Martin.
It muffles the dead 40 year old son.
It muffles pain and hatred and loneliness and confusion.
It muffles the one month leukemia-stricken infant.
It muffles the hospitalized sister, the mourning mother, and the anniversary of what happened in Mercaz HaRav.
The peace muffles the emails waiting to be acted upon and the mess around me and inside me.
The peace muffles the anxiety and the horriblness and the struggles.
The peace becomes a drug.
But the peace came uninvited and unannounced.
Like the snow.
"In a place of no snow, the peace is sent direct. "
One might argue that a muffling peace is not healthier than an open unrest.
But I'll bash em. Peacefully.


mishmum said...

Hehe to last line.
But very very good. Yes! to peacefulness.

the sabra said...


the sabra said...

Personal Request

Dear Friend,
I would like to request that you please say a psalm for my wife, who is having a rather serious operation this Thursday morning (2/18). Her name is Rochel bas Tova.

Please be kind enough to forward this message to your friends.

Thank you! May Hashem heal all the sick and send....

Moshiach NOW!
Rabbi Tuvia Bolton

the sabra said...


hey i wanted to ask u if u can please spread the word to daven for my 1 month old niece who is in the hospital b/c she was just diagnosed w/ALL ( a type of leukemia), her name is Rena Bas Michal Bracha

the sabra said...

Rachel said...

That note, the one someone wrote about their niece, that's written by my oldest friend.

Rachel said...

(Oh, did I send it to you? I'm wondering how it got passed down so far down the chain.)

the sabra said...

Yeah, you sent it.

es said...

Ha, yes I miss the all encompassing peacefulness. Trust me, when you leave, life totally slaps you in the face again. Quite literally s'matter of fact- cold rain has that way of jolting you awake. And now I can hardly remember that I ever was in that little oasis of tranquil paradise. I think what I mean to say is, I miss you! And the Peace. And mangoes.

the sabra said...

Hooked on Mangoes. Latest chapter in my life.

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

bash the peace or the coffin?

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

the sabra said...

I'll bash someone who wants to mess with my peace.

the sabra said...

Omg that's mishug-this is still on my homepage from last time I was here. Seems like eons ago. Ok that was a lie. Not eons. Oh, just kidding.'s first definition lets me say that bli lying.