Thursday, February 04, 2010

My River Rollin Weekend at Golani's (yeah!!)

Ahh twas so stupendous.
So warm, so funny, so nostalgic, so deep, so cozy, so silly, so friendly, so random, so familiar, so battlesome and so peaceful. Just so peaceful.
Peaceful and perfect.

The tone was set even before I got there--just driving in my new car made me feel like a different person :)

Walking through the door, I was slightly overwhelmed by Yossi's friendliness and interest. Tried to make myself invisible, naturally.
I was honestly a tad irritated by Golani's insistence on keeping the identity of the guests a secret but the bukser tree story was so hysterically funny, it balanced it out ;)

Chava'le, Hillel, Golani, Yossi, Shua, Shoter, Singer and Chavi.
A cooler bunch, you won't find.
Ok fine, if Rachel (and Co) was there, it woulda notched up the coolness.

How mishug was it when the big bro walked in!? Just like that..! -shakes head, grinning-

It's a bit awkward to write now, actually, cuz Blondie may read this really soon. Additionally, tis one of the first times I'm writin bout real people. Too, the mum reads this. Hmmm.

So the meal progressed with all the ad-jay-ktivs listed above. Shoter made me n Golani laugh with every comment of his. The singer was..the singer. No, no she didn't sing. But she was herself. (heehee)

Lotsa food and for thought. Ashreinu Mah Tov Chelkeinu, was my thought. Sai the yiddishkeit, sai the frumkeit, sai the chassidishkeit. Sai altz. Just so glad, so appreciative to have been given this gift. Along with the battles of course. After all-someone's gotta discover the treasures on the dark path. And more than that, someone's gotta forge new paths for the trekkers behind.

Very reminiscent, afterward, of that first Shabbos, that friday night with shvester pete and I on the floor by the wall, covered in blankets (me wearin the red n orange n black plaid skirt with the black turtleneck), attempting to high-five and gettin filibustered on the way, the exchange of brains n souls, wit n confidence (only the confidence made its appearance, the confusion was definitely in attendance but it chose to hide), old and young. Awesomeness. An awesomeness that affected me majorly and for a looooong time. In an awesome way and at times, frankly, in a not so awesome way.

Anyhooo, glad I woke up on time Shabbat morning. Hello M family. Yes, I heard you asking about me from the other room.

I like that part of town.

So funny to be in Shul. I was like four different characters at once. Weeeird. But not in a bad way. "I really like your skirt".


To sit, to talk, to eat, to share, to listen, to laugh, to read, to sleep, to pray. (Always praying??)

(L'mafreah, good to know the hole did indeed go unnoticed.)

The "when can we talk?" was miraculous. The new friendship was. Is.

Mini-thrill to drive up to Nestle Crunch (minus the sugar). All that detective work to get the address, last time. Heehee. Dina was completely not scary (yes dear, I too was a bit nervous). Kids all listened/liked. Finally got to chat with Shvester #3's kids in Spanish. LOLL Was gonna make a remark to the 5 year old bout adult Jewish music but couldn't think of a subtle way that would be understood quick enough, before the dad would return.

On the subject of adult Jewish music:

My Friend Accidentally Sings Songs with Stranger-Boys at Red Lights.

Uh huh. (big grin)

That scores plenny-a points...mostly cuz we also have the dork/nerd scale with us at all times. Like it's not cool if you're cool. It's cool when you're not. So we rocked. Or rather, we rolled.

Rollin, rollin, rollin on the riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiver.

-End Scene-


ChayAiz said...

Awesome post

es said...

If Esther was there, it would have also notched up the coolness. But need I state the obvious? Not really sure whats going on in this story, but of course, that is no surprise. Remember how you were gonna sit down and tell me what everything on your blog was really supposed to mean? It'll prob take us like a year or two to get through them all. But lets do it. Like we should quit our jobs- oh right we don't have jobs- we should quit looking for jobs and just spend our time deciphering your blog posts. Anyways, miss ya. Talk to you soon, dear.

chava'le java'le said...

So ye Esther, I'm glad we haven't given up hope on that one.

And haaaaa! as I wrote that (bout Rachel notchin up the coolness) I was thinkin to myself that I KNOW you are gonna comment (and rightly so--you definitely make the coolness skyrocket) but it wasn't really shayich cuz you're not in my town, presently.

Doesn't shayich remind you of "chap the inyan"?

Say, wouldn't it be awesome if we suddenly remembered another joke from our childhood? Instead of just rehashing the same ol ones..

Rachel said...


What I texted you goes here too.

Kids that age can't remember such adult things.

(And is Other Friend a reader now? I'm not sure whether I should be commenting.)

Don't! Go! Okay, go! go! I won't overwhelm you.

the sabra said...

I like your comment, Rachel. I read it periodically.

ChayAiz-why did you think it was awesome?

the sabra said...

Esther! I passed by the Jewish Library! The inyan chapping one! Right near the liquor store with the laffy-taffys! Does life get any more woah?!

[Rachel, I almost feel like not commenting on any post where you'll get it in your inbox now.]