Monday, February 15, 2010

The children snore; the refrigerator hums.

All pronounce peace.

The deep breathing from the bedroom blends melodiously with the humming coming from the kitchen appliances. The crickets dutifully join in, but do not mute the sound of the laptop whirring.

It's quiet.

The toys are untouched, the phone is cold, the bath waters have long been shut. No shrieks of laughter, no gasps of dismay, no tripping up the steps in long green capes.

There is love.

The grocery goods-purchased by volunteers-are standing tall on the counter. The dishes from dinner-cooked tenderly and fed with sweetness-are dirty in the sink.

There is calm in the chaos.
There is silence in the sounds.

There is peace.

May the present moments of peace continue eternally. May these feelings of peace find its way around the world to engage and enwrap every thought and breath, irrigating all with its potent power.
May the peace become us.


ChayAiz said...


the sabra said...

You didn't answer my last question.

mishmum said...

Volunteers did the shopping?
Omayn to may peace become you/us.

Mushkie said...


afroson said...

this is poetry.

afroson said...

or wtvr cool literature

the sabra said...

I wonder re the yisron ha'or here..G-d help me!

Mushkie said...

That reminds me, sabra: you have influenced the son-in-law, somehow. 'Takeh' has become part of his vocab :)

the sabra said...

Velcheh son-in-law?
How'd I influence him?

Mushkie said...

The one that I posted about and you commented, under the name, 'the son-in-law', something about 'takeh'. I responded that I knew it wasn't him b/c he doesn't use 'takeh' in his vocab...I don't think you reallyinfluenced him but it still works.

littleduckies said...

This is only peace if the children are yours. Otherwise, it is waiting for parents to get home.

BTW, if you like, you can babysit for us. ;) We are in Israel.

the sabra said...

Hey, I never saw this comment. Sorry, little duckies!

Actually, I was babysitting then for a family I'm very close to. I often forget we're not blood related.

Ya know, if you fly me out, we can possibly strike a deal ;)