Monday, February 15, 2010

What The Peace Muffles

The peace muffles Colin.
The peace muffles Chuck and Martin.
It muffles the dead 40 year old son.
It muffles pain and hatred and loneliness and confusion.
It muffles the one month leukemia-stricken infant.
It muffles the hospitalized sister, the mourning mother, and the anniversary of what happened in Mercaz HaRav.
The peace muffles the emails waiting to be acted upon and the mess around me and inside me.
The peace muffles the anxiety and the horriblness and the struggles.
The peace becomes a drug.
But the peace came uninvited and unannounced.
Like the snow.
"In a place of no snow, the peace is sent direct. "
One might argue that a muffling peace is not healthier than an open unrest.
But I'll bash em. Peacefully.

The children snore; the refrigerator hums.

All pronounce peace.

The deep breathing from the bedroom blends melodiously with the humming coming from the kitchen appliances. The crickets dutifully join in, but do not mute the sound of the laptop whirring.

It's quiet.

The toys are untouched, the phone is cold, the bath waters have long been shut. No shrieks of laughter, no gasps of dismay, no tripping up the steps in long green capes.

There is love.

The grocery goods-purchased by volunteers-are standing tall on the counter. The dishes from dinner-cooked tenderly and fed with sweetness-are dirty in the sink.

There is calm in the chaos.
There is silence in the sounds.

There is peace.

May the present moments of peace continue eternally. May these feelings of peace find its way around the world to engage and enwrap every thought and breath, irrigating all with its potent power.
May the peace become us.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm sitting near kindle. The amazon one.
Omg the pilot is freakin talkin to me! He just got up to check (for me) which way is east :D
Wow. I actually walked out of the door dressed as I am. Esther, it's worse than the last one I described :D
''Is it safe to walk there now?'' ''Yea sure, there's lotsa police out. And national guard, too, these days.''
I ought to be twittering my trip today. Perhaps even in Spanish.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

''Raise your hand if you love middle seats.'' ''Er captain? Why are there fingers stickin out from under the plane?''

My Recently Purchased Stack of Books

1. Inside Israel's Mossad (Matt Webster)

2. Shut Up, I'm Talking (Gregory Levey)

3. Comapny C (Haim Watzman)

4. Brotherhood of Warriors (Aaron Cohen)

5. Raid on the Sun (Rodger Claire)

6. In Good Hands (The Lubavitcher Rebbe)

7. Gideon's Spies (Gordon Thomas)

8. Tin Soldiers on Jerusalem Beach (Amia Lieblich)

9. The Rebbe's Army (Sue Fishkoff)

10. The Pianist (Wladyslaw Szpilman)

11. The Israelis (Donna Rosenthal)

12. Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy (Gordon Thomas & Martin Dillon)

13. The Sword and the Olive (Martin Van Creveld)

14. Jewish As a Second Language (Molly Katz)

15. The Woman's Dress for Success Book (John T. Molloy)

16. The Jerusalem Quarterly (Sivan & Sternhell)

17. The Lamplighters (Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch)

18. Jerusalem, The Future of the Past (Moshe Safdie)

19. One Summer in Israel (O'Connor/Cole)

20. Jerusalem 3000, Kids Discover the City of Gold (Official)

21. Israel at 40 (Julian J. Landau)

22. Alina: A Russian Girl Comes to Israel (Mira Meir & Yael Rozen)

23. Growing Up In Israel (Desider Holisher)

24. Israel and the Arts (Herbert A. Kenny)

25. One Left, Just One (Margaret Marketa Novak)

26. Polish Jews (Roman Vishniac)


Siddur & Tehillim (large print)
Gutnick Chumash Shemos
Shulchan Shabbos Bereishis-Devarim
Seder Bircas Hanehenin
The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes
Basi Legani
Letters From the Rebbe
Spanish for Dummies

Pretty much sums up my interests in life...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Save him from execution!

Martin at his Bar Mitzvah

We need your help today to save the life of Martin Grossman who is set to be executed on February 16th. We are only advocating that he not get the death penalty at this time. We are asking that the Governor take the time to hold a proper clemency hearing to determine if the Death Penalty is really appropriate in this case. This may not be easy for you to go out of your way to try and save the life of someone who took someone else’s life but we must do what is just and right and what the Torah teaches us is correct. Prominent Rabbis have ruled that every Jew has the responsibility to save this man’s life. Please sign the petition at the end of this story.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

the funk is creeping back :(

My River Rollin Weekend at Golani's (yeah!!)

Ahh twas so stupendous.
So warm, so funny, so nostalgic, so deep, so cozy, so silly, so friendly, so random, so familiar, so battlesome and so peaceful. Just so peaceful.
Peaceful and perfect.

The tone was set even before I got there--just driving in my new car made me feel like a different person :)

Walking through the door, I was slightly overwhelmed by Yossi's friendliness and interest. Tried to make myself invisible, naturally.
I was honestly a tad irritated by Golani's insistence on keeping the identity of the guests a secret but the bukser tree story was so hysterically funny, it balanced it out ;)

Chava'le, Hillel, Golani, Yossi, Shua, Shoter, Singer and Chavi.
A cooler bunch, you won't find.
Ok fine, if Rachel (and Co) was there, it woulda notched up the coolness.

How mishug was it when the big bro walked in!? Just like that..! -shakes head, grinning-

It's a bit awkward to write now, actually, cuz Blondie may read this really soon. Additionally, tis one of the first times I'm writin bout real people. Too, the mum reads this. Hmmm.

So the meal progressed with all the ad-jay-ktivs listed above. Shoter made me n Golani laugh with every comment of his. The singer was..the singer. No, no she didn't sing. But she was herself. (heehee)

Lotsa food and for thought. Ashreinu Mah Tov Chelkeinu, was my thought. Sai the yiddishkeit, sai the frumkeit, sai the chassidishkeit. Sai altz. Just so glad, so appreciative to have been given this gift. Along with the battles of course. After all-someone's gotta discover the treasures on the dark path. And more than that, someone's gotta forge new paths for the trekkers behind.

Very reminiscent, afterward, of that first Shabbos, that friday night with shvester pete and I on the floor by the wall, covered in blankets (me wearin the red n orange n black plaid skirt with the black turtleneck), attempting to high-five and gettin filibustered on the way, the exchange of brains n souls, wit n confidence (only the confidence made its appearance, the confusion was definitely in attendance but it chose to hide), old and young. Awesomeness. An awesomeness that affected me majorly and for a looooong time. In an awesome way and at times, frankly, in a not so awesome way.

Anyhooo, glad I woke up on time Shabbat morning. Hello M family. Yes, I heard you asking about me from the other room.

I like that part of town.

So funny to be in Shul. I was like four different characters at once. Weeeird. But not in a bad way. "I really like your skirt".


To sit, to talk, to eat, to share, to listen, to laugh, to read, to sleep, to pray. (Always praying??)

(L'mafreah, good to know the hole did indeed go unnoticed.)

The "when can we talk?" was miraculous. The new friendship was. Is.

Mini-thrill to drive up to Nestle Crunch (minus the sugar). All that detective work to get the address, last time. Heehee. Dina was completely not scary (yes dear, I too was a bit nervous). Kids all listened/liked. Finally got to chat with Shvester #3's kids in Spanish. LOLL Was gonna make a remark to the 5 year old bout adult Jewish music but couldn't think of a subtle way that would be understood quick enough, before the dad would return.

On the subject of adult Jewish music:

My Friend Accidentally Sings Songs with Stranger-Boys at Red Lights.

Uh huh. (big grin)

That scores plenny-a points...mostly cuz we also have the dork/nerd scale with us at all times. Like it's not cool if you're cool. It's cool when you're not. So we rocked. Or rather, we rolled.

Rollin, rollin, rollin on the riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiver.

-End Scene-