Friday, January 01, 2010

You're Dressed

There is a suit we wear that has a life of its own.

It is knitted of the fabric of words, images and sounds, mischievous characters that no one else can see, no one else knows for sure what they are up to. You, however, hear them day and night, chattering, buzzing, playing their games in the courtyard of your mind. All the threads of the garment of thought.

Leave your thoughts to play on their own and they will take you for a ride to places you never wanted to see.

Grab the reins, master them, direct them, flex your mind and they will follow. Provide them a script and they will play along.

Do something quick, because you, after all, are dressed up within them.

(From Tzvi Freeman, based on the words of the Rebbe)

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this is very impt for me to know

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