Friday, January 01, 2010

I challenge you...

to get rid of yourself...

...and be yourself.


"One who loves must learn fear. One who fears must learn love.

The thinker must do. The doer must think.

The pacifist must fight, the fighter must find peace.

If you flow as a river, burn as a fire. If you burn as a furnace, flow as a river.

If you fly as a bird, sit firm as a rock. If you sit firmly, then fly as a bird.

Be a fire that flows. A rock that flies. Love with fear and fear with love.

For we are not fire, not water, not air, not rocks, not thoughts, not deeds, not fear, not love.
We are G-dly beings."


the sabra said...

Ye, another one from Tzvi Freeman.

ChayAiz said...

the first two lines esp

Rachel said...

Like button.

the sabra said...

Shall I tell Tzvi you pressed?

the sabra said...

Also, I've been likin it for quite a while now. Since August 7th, approximately.

the sabra said...

Oh, thanks ChayAiz :)

the sabra said...

Real Motives
Tevet 18, 5770 · January 4, 2010
By Tzvi Freeman

No person can know his own inner motives.

He may be kind because kindness brings him pleasure.

He may be wise because wisdom is music to his soul.

He may become a martyr burned in fire because his nature is to defy, his nature is to be fire.

When can you know that your motives are sincere? Only when it is not within your nature to do this thing.

And how do you know that it is not within your nature? Only when you travel two opposite paths at once.

Rachel said...

(I know I'm ruining it, but that last line leaves me with a big "huh?")

the sabra said...

Of the post or the comment?

Rachel said...

The comment.

the sabra said...

To me it appeared to be sayin that you gotta do what you gotta do, even if you aren't comfortable with it, even if it's not your natural or instinctive reaction, even if whatever. It's not about what you like doing or what you are used to doing or what's easy for you to do (good deeds, included). It's about doin what G-d needs from you at the moment.

My humble interpretation. Whether Tzvi'ke meant that or not, aint important. It's Chassidus, truth, regardless.

the sabra said...

If you find yourself affixed to a single path to truth—

the path of prayer and praise,

or the path of kindness and love,

or the path of wisdom and meditation,

or any other path of a singular mode

—you are on the wrong path.

Truth is not at the end of a path.

Truth transcends all paths.

Choose a path. But when you must, take the opposite path as well.