Sunday, December 27, 2009

An autistic kid wanders off to the graves of those murdered in the Maalot Massacre.

[shakes head in wonder/disbelief/belief]

The Full Story:
Several hours before Shabbos came in, the residents of Tzefat heard that Moshe Meitas, aged 4, a local boy, had gone missing. He was last seen at his home on Rechov Ha’ari. The fact that little Moshe is autistic and unable to connect with his surroundings only added to the worry over his sudden disappearance.

With the authorization and on the instruction of local Rabbis, cars drove around Tzefat with loudspeakers calling on the community to help with searches.

The drama went on over several hours. Many warm-hearted local residents left their Shabbos tables and families to search for the missing boy.

The Kikar Shabbat website reports that the search united all strands of the Tzefat community, with Sanzer Chassidim (to whom the Meitas family belongs), Chabad, Breslovers, and more joining together to find the little boy. Hundreds of bochurim from the Chabad yeshiva in Tzefat also played an active part in the search.

After several nail-biting hours, the boy was found in the local cemetery among the headstones of the victims of the Maalot massacre. He was fast asleep, and despite the cold he was in a good physical state and did not need any medical attention.

From initial investigations, it emerged that little Moshe crossed the wadi between his home and the cemetery, which is about 3 km away, by himself but was unable to find his way back.
(SOURCE: SHMAIS.COM who got it from COL.ORG.IL)

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