Sunday, November 29, 2009

Song for the Holtzbergs' Yahrtzeit

From the same guy that composed and played this song for the Holtzbergs HY"D.

I remember my sobs, bitter tears on that day
Two dedicated holy Neshamos, cruelly taken away
And the questions they were asking, will we disappear
But yet we stand even stronger after one whole year

Is it magic, maybe luck or coincidence I see?
Can the scarred and axed up big old stump grow into a splendid tree?
But so many acts of goodness in your memory have begun
It can only be your shepherd who gives you strength to power on

So let the burning fires burn and the raging waters rage
Yeah to shine it’s now our turn, it’s our time to turn the page
With our Rebbe in the lead, there’s no doubt that we’ll succeed
Keep on shining… Shluchim changing the world.

Is the sacrifice enough to tear the heavens to the core?
Does the simple serving soldier question what you did this for?
With his marching orders given, and the vision he has shown
With faith you follow his command, so quickly you have grown.

One more Mitzvah’s all it takes and this Golus will finally end
Just one more push if kindness, we’ll see the Shechina shine again
With your superhuman surge of good, loving every single Jew
We will all be reunited, Gabi and Rivka too...


Yossi said...

there's a song I heard recently, or watched, rather, about the holtzbergs called fallen angels, that was really beautiful. well, the song was, but his voice wasn't. by a moshe something.

the sabra said...

But thanks.

the sabra said...

The line about letting burning fires burn and raging waters rage reminds me of the soulburn I had because of Reizi.

Rachel said...

I got an email linking to Eighth Day singing to them on the morning news. I don't feel like linking it, and I have an inkling (I'm fitting in that word, cuz it's so durn similar to linking) that you already saw it. Or didn't. Whichever.

I wish I spoke Yiddish. But everyone here would understand anyway.