Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Sister From A Different Mother

Alright, so Abraham said it first, but yo--"maaseh avot siman l'banim".
And so, I too, have a sister from a different mother that I'd like to marry.
My beautiful, awesome, funny, hardworking, talented, honest, zany, intelligent and more, sister.
(Bet you don't know many "and more" kinda folk.)
Can it get any better than working for siblings even when on different continents?
Do stronger bonds exist over the ones we share, us two marketplace maids, whispering importantly-and at times quite heatedly-about our employers as well as our fellow employees?
Our outstanding mutual admiration is hard to be believed.
We are truly sisters.


the sabra said...

How could you think it's about you?? Is your forgettery highly functional now, too!?

C said...

It's me right :P

I'm just kidding...

But I do have your pants hanging on my wall.

sabra'le said...

Oooh I forgot you have em! Yay that means you think bout me and our mesiras nefesh'nikim constantly. woohoo!