Sunday, November 29, 2009

moshav bet gamliel for shabbat

Went to lee-at's grandma for shabbos. With laya.
Was gonna go to this guys house, on a yishuv, but he was really odd on the phone. He said his wife wanted to meet me before. So I was like uh, no thanks. [LOL I wonder-was this Jameel??]
So we went to Bet Gamliel-wealthy moshav between Yavneh and Rechovot. (remember how Rabban Gamliel is buried in Yavneh?)

ahh the beautiful healthy (earthy crunchy, chevee) smell of cows and horses.
the wide expanse of fresh healthy looking green grass.
the clear blue sky and the fluffy clouds that fill it moments later and then disappear.
the muffled chatter and squeals of the children playing nearby.
the clean clear refreshing air.
breathe in and out and in and out
the occasional tractor chuggin by.
the desire to just run and run and laugh and shout to G-d in praise and thanks for being alive and for being blessed w/ the senses of smell sight touch sound and speech.
for being in a 'free' country. for being able to learn torah w/o fear.
o the gifts we have.
and the seeming contradictions that filled this shabbos.
as in the intrinsic paintings and decorations in the savtas house and the utter simplicity of the owner.
the joy of being in israel united with the joy of reading english books and speakin english at the table.
the grandson who is so sweet and small and is in yeshiva but is a combat soldier at the same time.
the very matter of fact way that the savta is so thoughtful and generous. makes u forget she's doin u a favor.
the complete pitch silence punctuated however with the friendly squeals and chirping and mad ranting of the pet birds.

And now I must go. Chabad house duties call.
This annoying guy from the morning bus to the Old City stalked me and found my hideout. One move and all my soldier friends will be on him like birds of prey. Not jokin in the least bit.

All the best kids.

chava (NOT chavale as this psychologist calls me!)
old city, jerusalem.

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the sabra said...

heehee the chava/chava'le thing is awesome. my little secret fun and joy in life. like my missing tooth.