Monday, November 23, 2009

I Am Going Home

I have a feeling similar to that of a homesick camper, an intense student, an exhausted hiker and a frustrated boss all in one. Tangled stomach, overworked brain, fatigued body, defeated spirit. Counting down the days...envisioning the end...urging it to arrive faster...and holding the magic day close to my heart.

From day one, I've counted down
Ready, each day, to fly from town.
Inside my pores, the day I leave.
Its feel is smooth, its taste is sweet.
The day I leave is from my dreams.
So bright and clear, concrete it seems.
I see the moves, I hear the sounds.
I know the steps-I'm freedom bound!

I am going home.


Mushkie said...

like like like the new format...unstrains my eyes :)
you're going home? or just the thought of it cheered you up? my mother's coming to visit me tonight :)

N said...

great photo!

the sabra said...

thanks, n.

i'm happy for you, mushkie :)

the sabra said...

Yknow, it really is an awesome pic. I'm thinkin, should I submit it somewhere...

Mushkie said...

you took it? psh, psh, psh. make sure you submit it to a place that pays good.

Rachel said...

We were there. Together. Right?

the sabra said...

nachon hadavar. but this was when we were "separated".