Sunday, November 08, 2009


See, it made me smile again this time :)
Ooh nice pun there, Jav, niiice pun.

That was the end of my post. Then I suddenly thought of how YOU would've written it on your blog. Probably something like this:

I was chatting with a friend the other night (I met her online, from my blog. Ya know its sooooooooooooo cool when you can meet people from your blog and I loooooove getting to know my readers and making real connections with them. [ed-i'm gagging. dont know if i can continue]. Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes! I was chatting with this friend and suddenly I noticed the time. Now, I don't know about you but for me, I'm still not used to the army time thingy that people outta America use. Like seriously, I don't get why America can't be normal and just use that system instead of am and pm. But whateverrrrrr. So I see the time on my computer (well not MY computer but the one I use here) says 00:00. That means it's 12 oclock midnight. Cuz it starts from 1 and then it goes till 23 and then after 23:59, it goes to 00:00. First I thought my computer was broken and I'm like "Oh great, I think the computer is broken." (in a sarcastic way, not a serious way that I thought it was great). Then I realized that it meant midnight (see, I didn't have someone explain it to me like I just did to you). I thought it was SOOO cool! I had to blog it to share with everyone. I really enjoyed it and hope you do, too. Please comment and let me know what you think. Anyway, the thing with the quote is like this. After I enjoyed that sight of 00:00, I realized that I'm very much the kind of person who appreciates the little things in life. Like I don't need big things to get me excited, even small things will do the trick. So even though you can't RELY on external amusements to bring you HAPPINESS, you can still appreciate them. I thought it was very important for people to keep in mind so I wrote it in quote form as it seems to stick more, has more power, when it's in that form. I even wrote a quote about that some time's one of the first of Mion Quotes--meaning My Own Quotes.

But personally, that's too much blabbing and info for something I don't feel the need to share. I blab when it's bubbling inside me. Not when I have a snapshot I'd like to freeze. So, my post was two lines :)


C said...

Wow, the sabra actually explained what was going on is her head when she wrote the post!!!!

the sabra said...

Except, I like "army time".
And I don't care to hear if you appreciated 00:00 or not.
And a few more things I wrote (that I got carried away with when writing from another point of view).

But otherwise, yeah-I noticed the time, liked the look, was happy I can get happy over things like that, and reminded e/o else that they too can. Not so cryptic, eh?