Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wasabi Central

is what this place looks like.

So I was thinking-there are a good few ways this post might be understood by a reader.
Some will assume there is a sushi-themed event takin place and so I am gazin at piles of sushi and, consequently, wasabi as well.
Some may figure that the name of my present physical location is (or sounds something similar to) Wasabi. Sorta like the Ad-delo-yoda comment I made to Australian Mushkie some days ago which made her jump and me raise my eyebrows which reminds me I still didn't read the story but don't worry Mushkie it's marked unread in my inbox and this calls for a dashed sentence which I just used so I shan't and also I don't need Yossi runnin to the patent office right now and wow I just mentioned two (stranger) bloggers in my post. Not bad.
And yet others might guess I am surrounded by folk from a Japanese descent.
All the while though, I'm solely referrin to the current background color of my blog. Zehu.


pennie said...

great cuz wasabi is my favorite part of sushi

-hi after a really long time

the sabra said...

they tried tellin me twas avocado, back in the day. but the intensely serious look on their faces as they declared it, made me suspicious.

-good timing, fear not

the sabra said...

ha, and i had no idea, reading it now, what it was referring to.