Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"...Vet Zein Solera"

Is how the guy in the Sukkah ended off the beginning of the Rabbi's "Tracht gut" declaration.
It's moments like these that spark hope in my wild heart.

Now, these items from the Humor Lost and Found Box on the other hand...

"Do you know where my notebook is?"
"No, I didn't see it."
"Cmon, I gotta find out! It's like my bible!"
"Your what?"
"It's like my bible. All my spanish is in there, I need it!"
"Oh. (pause) I still don't know where it is."

There was another I meant to write but can't remember now.
Also, the above convo doesn't sound as bad as it was. Trust me.


mishmum said...

Did you find it, or you don't need it anymore?

the sabra said...

Find what? The lost humor in this place? I definitely didn't find it and it definitely is still needed and WAIT! today, a previously square smatter of fact, the subject of this post, made a funny!! she pretended to be angry at me for something. Elokim! THANK YOU!