Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sometimes I feel too big for life.
Clumsy, outrageous notions, ''passed that''.

And then sometimes I feel too small for life.
Dwarfed, easily stressed, fightin forceful tides.

But I must be just right for life if G-d reasoned I belong here.


...sometimes I forget that.


So my Guide makes sure those times fall out on days with Hayom Yoms such as-
We are assured by covenant that any wide-ranging effort and labor pursued wisely and with friendship is never fruitless. (12 Tishrei) and The soul-aspect of yechida emerges through the avoda of being tested. (17 Tishrei)


So then I continue, stronger.
Until the next time.
And it swings the other way.
Till I hit and rebound.
And then I'm stronger.
Until the next time....


Two souls there are: bad and good, and I-
I look at both and with a sigh
Choose one that will make all the difference.


Wish me luck?
My life is His proof that I don't need it :}


C said...

It's tough. Even when everything is perfect... there is still temptation.

Good luck!

mishmum said...

Zayer shayn. Also the layout.

the sabra said...

Ha thanks. The first part I had from months ago. Lyin in bed one night. The Hayom Yom part really saved me these weeks, came just when I needed it. And the Robert Frost part just came up as I was writing, by accident kinda..and as you know, Rachel put that exact thing on HER blog at the EXACT time. SO mishug.

the sabra said...

C, Did you read the last two lines of my post..or not?

Rachel said...

(I understood zayer shayn! Si!)

the sabra said...

Exactly how I feel, again. Too often. Sigh.