Thursday, October 15, 2009

Firefox Clearing (again)

Memories of Attacks Shadow Mumbai's New Jewish Center

The Washington Post: Any feeling of normalcy is a long way off for Mumbai's Jewish community. "It's a healing process," said Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz, director of the Chabad Mumbai Relief Fund, which raised money for Moshe's care. "But this is our tribute to them, to keep going, even if it's tough."

After a long search, a couple has been found to replace the Holtzbergs, whose portraits hang in the new Chabad House. But, for security reasons, the new rabbi and his wife asked not to be named.

"My parents do worry for me. And sometimes I am afraid to go outside," said the new rabbi's wife, a soft-spoken woman who was arranging a plate of kosher beef brought to her by a traveler from New York. "But they are also proud of us for coming."

Hachnosas Sefer Torah in Eilat In Memory of Many Loved Ones
The sefer Torah was also donated in the memory of Tmimim Moshe Golan, Yonatan Bitton, and Levi Hendel, all of whom were tragically killed in a road accident during Chanukah 5767. They had been on their way to do mivtzoyim at an army base nearby, and it was only fitting to dedicate a sefer Torah in their memory at the Chabad House from where they set out on their final journey.


Performer Discovers the Meaning of Shlichus in Eilat

"When I got home, I told my wife that I was no longer miserable. “Today is Rosh Hashanah and I am very happy and truly inspired,” I said. “If you had heard Rabbi Eisenbach and had seen his bittul to a tzaddik, and what it is to give up your whole life, not only on Rosh Hashanah, to Hashem, you would be just as happy as I am. Our one-off trip to Eilat is nothing compared to Rabbi and Mrs. Eisenbach’s eternal journey, during which they have raised all of their children here. Here and onwards, I can only feel great inspiration and joy.""


השינוי של ילדי רמת-השרון: בוטל "חג האופניים"

ילדי רמת-השרון, שחלקם גדלו על יום-כיפור כ"חג האופניים", השתתפו במעמד סליחות מרגש שנערך על-ידי בית-חב"ד בעיר ● הם פייטו, האזינו לדבר תורה, שמעו תקיעת שופר ואמרו סליחות בדביקות


Rescue of a Stranded Hiker from Wadi Kelt (video)

Yesterday, the Israeli Air Force Unit 669 Search and Rescue team had to rescue a hiker who got injured and stuck in Wadi Kelt. Another hiker caught the rescue on video, and here is the really cool footage...


Great Places in America

Neighborhoods, streets and public places. CE's sukkah was in one of em :)

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