Friday, September 11, 2009

Send Rosh Hashona Cards to Israeli Soldiers (free!)

Standing Together offers you the opportunity to show your support and appreciation to Israeli Soldiers at no charge. Standing Together volunteers will personally deliver your wishes for a safe and happy new year to soldiers on active duty this holiday season.
Click here to send a card and a smile :)
It will mean a tremendous amount to the young men and women who sacrifice so much to keep Israel secure.

PS-If you or anyone you know are in Israel and would like to help distribute these cards, email us at with a phone # where you can be reached.


C said...

I tagged you. You're it.

the sabra said...

What do I have to do?
What?? Eat Hamantashen while tapping my left foot to the tune of Hatikvah!? That's mishug! And you KNOW we don't listen to Hatikvah!
Chaya! What got into you??

chanie said...

tagged you!

the sabra said...

I'm using Chaya's. I liked hers a lot. So thanks for the tag, I'm all done :)

C said...

That's cheating :P

Shana tovah!!