Monday, September 07, 2009

A Royal Fear

"Come, come to the king, dear friend."
"I can't. I'm scared."
"The king is awesome. He's so powerful and mighty. I'm scared."
"But he's not scary these days. He's just a regular king."
"Just a regular king? I've seen his palace. Incomprehensibly opulent! Terrifyingly imposing! And his guards? Impenetrably tough and so supremely agile."
"Oh but he's not in his palace! He's here, outside, right in the fields. No palace and no guards. No reason to tremble!"
"True, but his arm reaches everywhere, his word reverberates for miles past my gaze. I'm scared."
"But he is here with us now and he is so gentle and loving! He is open for requests and belittles none. Why be scared when you have the opportunity to come greet the king face to face on your own territory?"
"That's precisely why I'm scared. For the king to see me as I am on my own territory."


mishmum said...

Zayer zayer shayn!

Cy(H) said...

takeh zayer shein!

mishmum said...

Oh I love the (H)!

the sabra said...

thanks mishmum and cyh