Friday, September 18, 2009

Bienvenido a la República Bolivariana de Venezuela!

We LOVE this place!
The above statement was recorded here for the following reasons:
1. The more you say something, the truer it becomes.
2. It is so exhilarating to be forced to learn a new language.
3. Sarcasm is the protest of the weak.
4. I am an active Shlucha of the Rebbe.
5. It would be inappropriate to record it on somebody else's blog.

All of the above are true.
But wait! There's more!!

Man, this place rocks. And like most things in life, rocks can be good or bad ;)
Rachel says this place is awesome. No wait, lemme quote her properly: "venezuela is going to be SCHMAWESOME!!!!!!!!" I dunno what capital v did to you dear, but I'm sure it apologizes by now.
I got driven around town today and I was cracking up most of the time. Marco took me to the skirts section in the mall (yenemall pff) and then shakes his head when I pick up a low cut top. heehee. The not understanding 98 percent of what was being jabbered around me did eventually give me a headache, but I laughed nonetheless. Completely absurd. I love it. I really do. It's finally a challenge. All the countries I've been to had English all over the place. Not this crazy part of the world. Says Mr. D.C. in the airport: "Don't travel yourself around here. Don't ever go out at night alone. Don't eat the lettuce here. And don't, DON'T drink the tap water." Then he says some not so nice things about his government. Says I (in the airport still.): "Say, what IS good bout your country??" Says he (same he as the beginnin of this convo): "Oh everything. The people, the sand dunes. "(Actually, I think he may have put them dunes before his neighbors.) | "It's just the government that's thumbs down. " But he motioned it, didn't SAY it. But wait, my memory may be playin tricks on me (silly memory, tricks are for kids!) cuz I'm pretty sure he did more than just motion a thumbs down when referring to the one and only bambadada Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías! -gag-

Ok, so I won't eat lettuce. But can you keep me cooped up in these approx 60 walls without me goin crazy?? (More than one room in this house). (sha, don't make wisecracks bout me ersht NOW going crazy)

Baruch Hashem, it's beautiful here. I'm an ignorant man connecting to the scholar through this mission. I am taking physical and turning it spiritual. I am bringing Moshiach.
I'm also lacking unsweetened soymilk.

I burst out a cheery "CHAU!" after being briefly introduced as I walked into the preschool classroom. A quiet " 'Chau' means 'goodbye''; 'Hola' is 'hello'." shut me up very nicely. I guess it's only in Italy where "ciao" can be used for both salutations. And "shalom"in Israel. See, all paths lead to the Holy Land.
And ps-I was right (and I love you, yes)-we are NOT the only place with a half hour time diff. Adelaide and Darwin in Australia, Kabul in Afghanistan, Kolkata and New Delhi in India, S Johns' in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (coolness!), Tehran in Iran and Yangon in Myanmar (ahh!! myanmar! i know it!!) are some other cities that are sababa, as well.

And, the electricity went out again. Mishug, this place. It does add charm but not when it's eleven thirty five in the pm and I've been ready to go to bed since um two days ago? Ok fine, since about 6pm. Started dozin off already on the way home from the Mirror and Frozen Veggies field trip that Marco took me on. Heehee, the language barrier is just so awesome.

I am wistful when I think of last year's "first impressions".
And now, the VI, too.

My room is awesome, thank Gd. I will only write the good things bout it cuz like we said up there in Reason #1, it's all about focusing on the good. (Well, that's almost what we wrote.) So it's big n spacious. Mattress is FIRM. Yea! Lotsa drawers n folding space. Almost have a private bathroom. Air conditioning. Uh huh, lemme repeat-I got air conditioning. Thank You! Um what else...? It's wooden and white and it's good. Good.

I never wrote so openly on my blog, before. Not bout my whereabouts n my feelings towards the people n place, lifachot. I sense something major happening. "For the times, they are a-changing". I'm not certain Esther, but I think twas my blogger ima friend Ruti that 'troduced me to it. (to answer your query from the night before last).

I think I should call up Moussia and watch ItcheKadoozy with her over the phone, on our respective computers. (Btw, my computer here is SO not respectable. Forever actin like the S Thomas locals n shutting down).


Ah before that, a quick review of the words I learned during my first 24 hours here:
entender, yo, tú, y, triste, otro, amarillo, probador, tormenta, mi, madre, padre, ella, él, más, pero, sé, de nada and I think that's it for the new words learned today.

-Anachnu rOtzim moshiach achshav-

Oh! I know my old colors were SO much more South American'like but I needed to change it already...


es said...

So firstly, just cuz they do it in Kabhul and Teheran doesn't mean it isn't strange. Secondly, thats funny. That you got it from Ruti. And thirdly, shana tova Chava dear. Hope your new year is as wonderful as you seem to think Venezuala is. Hope its more wonderful than Venezuala actually is. Love ya lots!

the sabra said...

I do NOT like it!
Wish me better PLEASE!!!!!

Mushkie said...

Go Adelaide! (I'm on shlichus there). I just came to your blog and I love your style, it's great to read. You spending this year in Venezuela?

es said...

Much better! Better than Spanish speaking countries and Communist governments and off-beat time zones and unsweetened soy milk.

the sabra said...

arghhhh you MISSED the point!
Unsweetened soy milk is GOOD. Here, I am LACKING it.

Oh! Mushkie from Adeloyoda does! Velkommen! And hatzlocha rabba on your shlichus.
I'm pleased to hear you like my blog. Go find something nice for the JPost people, ya? Then you and Esther can get into some silly fight over who picked a better one. Woohoo, just on time for Yom Kippur. And I mean JUST!

I guess the top of my blog got cut off on your screen. Lemme copy paste it here. Hinei-


I'm NOT being mean. Just warning cuz answers sometimes confuse. Zehu.
And no, not spending this year in Venezuela. At least not planning on. Only G-d knows the future reality. Like the guy who said he didn't know where he was going and then landed up in jail...yknow....

Wow that's a lot of talking. It's like I saved all the comments for the one poor reader who actually commented. Heehee.

Mushkie said...

I always feel slightly cheated when anyone knows the 'Ad-delo-yada' story. Btw, disclaimer: I'm in high school. It's my family that are on shlichus.

So what are you doing in Vene then? (I'm a typical Aussie, shortening words because I'm too lazy for the whole thing);)

the sabra said...

Haaaaaaa! Mum, get over here! (said in the most respectful way possible, of course) Read that last sentence of hers. heeheheee. SO unzereh. WOW.

Um, for starters you don't need to feel cheated-I don't know the ad-delo-yoda story. I typed it kacha stam azoy.
Second of all, if your family lives there on Shlichus and you are part of your family and you are living there then voila! a shlucha you are! So, I repeat--hatzlocha rabba on your shlichus :)
Third of all, I am doing here what I do everywhere--learnin, livin, givin, hearin, carin, laughin, cryin, growin, teachin and exploring the world around me and the world inside me.

Mushkie said...

K, now I get why you say you 'encrypt' your posts :D.

the sabra said...

So nu-what's the ad-delo-yada story?

Mushkie said... be extraordinarily accurate there is no story, it's just what the Rebbe called it. But there is a story, before my family came, connected to it -, a few paragraphs down. Chances are you've heard the story before.