Sunday, August 09, 2009

...waiting for a train to rome since all trains lead to rome

an excerpt from my partner's diaries:

...unsuccessfully trying to scramble eggs using several creative last resorts such as using the heat of the side walk as a stove, and then lighting matches and then a lighter underneath our frying pan and finally attempting to light a restaurant on fire and then using it as a flame. finally though we were forced to resign ourselves to our fate of yet another nutritious meal of tuna and ketchup. but looking at the bright side, at least we had ketchup....forget it. no bright sides this time. so for dessert chava cooked up a nice big plate of fettuccine Alfredo with thick pasta-NOT the thin kind-with creamy cheese sauce on a white plate with mushrooms, unfortunately she did all the cooking in her imagination but at least it worked for they say "its all in the mind". she even tried sharing it with me but somehow i just couldn't picture it well having finished lunch we took the train to rome, otherwise known as rrrrromaaaaa and as we figured out the hard way if u ask for just "rome" they wont understand we tried to get lost on the way but it didn't work cuz rome wasn't built in a day, so we arrived and we kept looking for a hostel to fit into our budget but still reasonable, like under one euro but after carrying our luggage which is abt double my size all around town we finally discovered we'd have to settle for 25 which turned out to be 5 star relative to our past accommodations. they even had a shower with running waTER WHICH IS A BIG LUXURY AFTER U HAVENT SHOWERED FOR 3 DAYS.....we thought that was an interesting method of testing our survival skills but we ended up testing the survival skills of everyone around us and they failed miserably. everywhere we walked we left like piles of dead bodies in our path.maybe not but there was definite next morning we woke up drooling at the thought of eating in the kosher restaurant, supposedly10 minutes away ...but after 3 hours of wandering and then discovering the address we were looking for doesn't exist, we were left to chavas fettuccini alfredo which was btw STILL hot(all in her imagination).big help it was that all roads lead to rome but what happens when u actually get there!?......anti we finally found a restaurant that charged like 10 bucks for a bottle of water and then an extra penalty fee for not liking ur salad and sitting at the wrong table . but it worked out fine in the end when the cook gave us a carving knife to slaughter the manager.....not that we used it......or at least not so then we took our frying pan and went to see the colosseum and then chava used the frying pan to take revenge on the romans for destroying our temple....all with a frying pan....anyway, we couldn't afford all the 2 euro to get into the colosseum since i had already used that money ration on a can of coke so we just took pics right outside which worked just as well..and if not, at least we dont know wat we were missing...and the bottle of coke was worth it.we originally planned to continue touring the next day and to get a tour of the jewish quarter which was closed that day since they were busy celebrating saint mary augustuss b-day......when in rome they do like the romans i guess...but then somehow at the very same moment we decided we had enough of we picked up and left, just like that.

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