Monday, August 10, 2009

Toby Eagle a''h

It's her 2nd Yahrtzeit today.

"My wife and I knew that we were blessed with an extraordinary child from the time Toby was an infant, but we did not realize the impact she had on the world around her until her passing on the 19th of Menachem Av 5767." (David Eagle)

She's been on my sidebar for some time now. I think since I went through a stage of obsessively listening to her song "Is it Fair?" and reflecting about how much I can learn from her.

"In a way of hatzneah leches, walking humbly and modestly along the path of righteousness and kindness. Toby did not act with any fanfare or desire for recognition."

"she insisted on mastering the public transportation system rather than burdening others for rides and taxis to extracurricular activities."
"Toby worked tirelessly on behalf of the children of Gush Katif after they were expelled from their homes."

"Toby was a source of support to other young people who needed friendship and a positive perspective on life."
"Toby’s teaching method was twofold: to be a living example and to show her students unconditional love."

I think 'sweet' and I think 'solid' when I think of Toby.
I can't think when I think of her passing.
It's the most unreal thing to happen to sucha real thing.

Yet, as her friend writes on Project Pledge--

Many people knew Toby, but few knew her for as long and as much in quantity as I did. I feel that it's fair to say that she has seen every part of my life, and helped me with every aspect of my growth since I met her in the brownie girl scouts. We homeschooled, learned torah, built campfires, played violin, ice skated, orchestraed, 4-h'd, girl scouted, camped, hiked, shabbosed, shopped, went to music camp, met random people, cried, laughed, and hugged so many times that the part that she is of me is such a big piece, and now I don't know where that piece fits. It's funny a little bit if you think of the world as an enormous puzzle, and you have a person in your life who is such a big piece of your puzzle, but she's really a piece of G-d's puzzle, more than she was of yours, and if the puzzle goes to two different games, the G-d puzzle should come first, because he's the master over all creation.
Have you ever met someone who was so many things? If she was a piece of me, and she was so many things, then now that she's gone, then everything that is still with me of her and my memories of her are so firmly impressed in me that even though G-d took his puzzle piece back, I still have it. She's been tattooed on my heart, and she will always be there. I don't look at this and ask why, and I don't look and say it's not fair, because who am i to judge fair or not fair. she belonged to hashem so much more than she belonged to any human being. She was so caught in being purely herself, that she was purely angelic. And that is why I don't ask why. G-d put an angel on the world so that we could all know an angel. Now all we can say is thank you for giving us an inspiration in the form of Toby.


I conclude with a translation of Toby’s matzeiva:

Here lies the precious girl Toiba bas Zalman Dovid Eagle.

Her ways were pleasant and she was a refined soul; she was exemplary in the traits of kindness and compassion and in helping another person, from a deep love for a fellow Jew.

She received everyone with a smiling countenance, she was graceful in the eyes of all who saw her, she was happy and made others happy, she was active and talented and saw good results from her labor and from her learning.

She was deeply connected to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and she lived with faith in the coming of the Moshiach.

She was plucked at 20 years of age, Erev Shabbos Kodesh parshas Eikev 19 Menachem Av 5767.

May her soul be bound up in the living bond.


the sabra said...

Go there to donate to a worthy cause in Toby's memory.

C said...

She was beautiful in so many ways.

Thanks for this post.