Sunday, August 09, 2009

Stephie Mephie

Stephie Mephie doesn't like when people laugh so loudly at night. He goes to sleep at ten and wakes up at 6 for a brisk early morning walk and then he makes fried eggs in his shorts.

And he wears PLAID shorts with loafers without socks.

Uh huh and he hums off key while he cooks. With a big smile.

(and then it got dirty)


Rachel said...

Subscribing for the sake of tracking more forgery.

You think he bakes?

the sabra said...

Yup. And the smell of his whole wheat whole oat cinnamon buns wafts through the house and makes him lick his lips in eager anticipation.

Also, his glasses keep getting foggy.

Rachel said...

And he likes to dance to Mizrachi music sung by, em, Dudu.

the sabra said...

Um clumsily but with great enthusiasm.

Plus he has facebook.

rutimizrachi said...

I am trying to rise above what it must look like to watch someone frying eggs in his shorts. Doesn't he have a stovetop like other people?

the sabra said...


OMG I am SHAKING with laughter!

When I saw I had a comment here, I went to reread the post first and I was like oh boy, I better correct that sentence, it sounds like he is fryin the eggs IN his shorts...vs while wearing shorts. Ahhhhh then I saw your comment. HAAAAAAAA! I think I'm gonna leave it just for laughs sake (yup, gross laughs).

the sabra said...