Sunday, August 09, 2009

Friday's phone call intensified my nostalgic feelings re our backpacking trip round Europe some summers ago.

an excerpt from my backpacking diaries:

ciao from internet cafe in bologna :)
...i got her email address and now were buds. kinda like julien from the train ride to nice. he asked me what a 'doe' is. i took that as a sign that i should read him his book to him, and yes ita got a photo of me readin harry potter to some french frenchie.
i cant get enough of how FRENCH these frenchies are!! the way they talk, move, yell, i LOVE it! and they all have sucha good accent, im chalishin.


es said...

Call me too. Miss ya girllll.

the sabra said...

Actually, SHE called me. ahem ahem!