Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clearing Up Old (Firefox) Tabs

'Racist' Cellcom ad
FB group calls for 'racist' cell phone ad to be removed. pfff.
A Quote
"A small town has no change for large bills." (Rav Nosson Zvi Finkel)

Godwin's Law
Godwin's Law a humorous observation made by Mike Godwin. It states: "As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches."
Song from Moshe Hecht, dedicated to the Holtzbergs. Here are the (recently discovered) lyrics:

In this army of lamplighters lamplighters lamplighters,
sending your message to the world, to the world, to the world

into these train station caves
and dark alleyways
into the depths of foreign countries
to all four corners, through these cold callous borders
these are your orders...

and we will dance loyal with your torches in our right hand
we will march forward to tell these young men
today is the day that you start being true
and all the days that you don't do, its not the real you...

this aint no temporary fix
we go for life this aint no field trip
yes your connected to your source and you feel it

To my faithful Shepherd,
I thank you, I walk with you
and I am grateful for the opportunity
to spread the light of the Almighty,
and to lamp light the world one soul at a time.
yes you're a leader, eager to reveal it

In music, a fugue (pronounced /ˈfjuːɡ/) is a type of contrapuntal composition or technique of composition for a fixed number of parts, normally referred to as "voices".
S. Thomas Synagogue
S. Thomas Synagogue is an historic synagogue in Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands. The real name of the synagogue is Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasidim. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1997.
חב"ד בחברון חגגה בר מצווה עם הצנחנים

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers
On the murderous road to "racial purity" Hitler encountered unexpected detours, largely due to his own crazed views and inconsistent policies regarding Jewish identity. After centuries of Jewish assimilation and intermarriage in German society, he discovered that eliminating Jews from the rest of the population was more difficult than he'd anticipated. As Bryan Mark Rigg shows in this provocative new study, nowhere was that heinous process more fraught with contradiction and confusion than in the German military.
Exiled Down Under
An original, intriguing story filled with humor, excitement, and emotion, for children ages eight to fourteen. And the author is a friend :)
Holiday Apartments in Jerusalem
We offer superior long/short term accommodations for singles, couples and families, with friendly hospitality at an affordable price, with all the amenities you need to make this the perfect visit in Jerusalem. (never used em but they're always comin up.)
The revolutionary SpiraFlex® technology that's transforming bodies at home.
Nominate Jewish Community Heroes
Click on each one every morning!
devora benjamin
benny zippel
Rabbi’s Kidney Donation Inspires Community
When the opportunity arose for Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Ephraim Simon to potentially risk his life in the preservation of another’s, he paused. He wanted to give one of his kidneys to a suffering man; the problem was that he had to think about how he would communicate that decision to his nine children.
Wow. What a relief. These have been on my head for a gabillion ages. They had to be published so I can move on. They had to be published NOW cuz I am moving on. Yalla Chajija.

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