Friday, July 31, 2009

Searching for Amichai

These google searches remind me (though with G-d's help it will have COMPLETELY different results) of the aftermath of the Mumbai saga. Again, I don't want to compare it in any way except in that tens and tens of caring people come here looking for revealing info. I don't care bout stats, I am merely interested in the search terms that lead to my blog. To see more than 60 google and blog searches (from 10 different countries) over the course of two days that are all slight variations of "Ami-chai Steinmetz", "Amichai ben Devora" or "Israeli missing in India" is heartrending.
Besurot Tovot!
Duh-"Tracht gut vet zein gut".

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the sabra said...

Read Part 2 of Levi's diary (referenced in the previous Amichai post).