Thursday, July 02, 2009

"Plungers are for toilet ends and never for souls of friends."
[Mion T. Felupmint]


Rachel said...

I'm only commenting to mark my territory.

You know the rest.

the sabra said...

You're disturbing me.

(It makes the whole deal lighter for me.)

Rachel said...

You're funny, Sab. I'm LOLing f'real.

the sabra said...

Uh huh, that's how it's always been-you mercilessly plunging (to the tune of your evil laughter) and me helplessly falling.

Feel good, child. Feel good and feel powerful!!!

Scraps said...


the sabra said...

pfff you agree with what scraps? that rachel always does that to me?

man this post was fun. and funny. and brilliant. it was brilliant.

Rachel said...

1. You promised me you won't plunge.

2. (She was agreeing with your post, not your comment, but I'm not going to ruin the humor of how it sounded in the comment thread by pointing that out here. And you probably already noticed that anyway, ya?)

the sabra said...

1. So I'm not. Whadaya want from me??

2. Notice: "pfff"
Notice: "staaaaaaaaaaam"

the sabra said...

HULLOO I just came across this post and I think this gets your label! Does it!?